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The Straight Line Process

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Welcome to my website - thank you for joining me!

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Please see below for more information on 'the straight line process'.

The Straight Line Process

I have named this 'blog' (not too keen on that word, and don't really think it applies here but that's not so important...) "The Straight Line Process" for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, this is something I try and encourage those I'm working with to refer back to when things seem complicated (often where conduct processes are concerned). Victim/ survivors will always bring their individual backgrounds and needs, but this cannot completely deter from what the process might be - for their benefit, not the benefit of a University or organisation (this is vital to stress). Starting from first principles was always something my dad taught me to do during my GCSE Physics revision and it saw me through quite well.


Secondly, this name is used to provide a disclaimer that my opinion posts (my preferred term for "blog") may not be fully considering all of the possible intricacies and individualities that will inevitably be brought to my perspective of misconduct processes in academia. Please do remember that these are my personal perspectives - I have learnt a lot but I, by no means, have all the answers, or even necessarily the 'correct' perspective on this. I just hope my views and thoughts may be useful to some.

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